Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties
iAspire Yoga Main Beach The importance of careful injury recovery

In those moments when life throws a few too many curve balls, how do we react?

It’s easy to push emotions away to deal with another day, to avoid our problems by pretending they’re not there or to pass them onto someone else to deal with. Placing blame on others leads to us abdicating our responsibility to work through the tough moments.

Sometimes we just don’t have the energy or time to unpack troubles or we have the fear of not being able to deal with our responsibilities or concerns successfully.

iAspire Yoga Main Beach The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

I invite you to reflect on the times you have had challenges and the strategies you have put in place to deal with these in the past. To see the growth you have had since dealing with a troublesome time.

When you come to a speed bump in life change your perspective on how to deal with the issue by reviewing the 3 steps below:

  • Stop for a moment and make a to do list with a time frame to reflect or work on the concern
  • Meditate and reflect on those times you have dealt with difficulties in your life, what steps you took to rectify the problem. How have you grown from the experience (bring the positives to mind).
  • Set time aside for yourself to nurture and be kind to yourself and acknowledge that life isn’t easy but you have the strength in you to conquer any mountain as you have done in the past.

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